Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

What is an EPC

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) measures the energy efficiency of a property on a scale of A-G.

Energy Performance Certificates were presented in 2007 and are a legitimate prerequisite for a building to be sold, let or constructed. Once acquired, an EPC is valid for 10 Years.

The most efficient homes - which ought to have the lowest fuel bills - are in band A. The Certificate will tell you on a scale of A-G, the energy effectiveness of your home alongside the potential scale later enhancements are made, with 'A' being the most productive home. Better-evaluated homes hould have less impact through Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions, the EPC will show how much CO2 emmissons created by that property in tons, and will prompt on the sum this could be reduced by.

The average property in the UK is in bands D-E for both ratings. The Certificate includes recommendations on ways to improve the home's energy efficiency to save you money and help the environment. EPCs apply also to commercial buildings and are rated only by Carbon Dioxide emission ratings on a scale of A-G.‍

Lara working on an EPC

When do I need an EPC

Your property’s EPC needs to be available to potential buyers as soon as you start to market your property for sale or rent. You must get an approved domestic energy assessor to produce the EPC. If you’re buying or renting a property, an EPC allows you to compare the energy efficiency of different properties easily.

An EPC also highlights the energy efficiency improvements you could make, how much they will cost, and how much you could save. This can be useful when looking to improve your current property, or if you’re looking to buy and improve. If you do implement any of the energy efficiency recommendations outlined in your EPC, you may wish to get a new EPC to include these improvements.

Bear in mind that any figures for energy use and potential savings are for a typical household in that property – they’re not tailored to you, your family or housemates, or your lifestyle.

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