Brian Morris Productions.
We offer you high-end video production. Serving both corporate and broadcast clients alike.
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What we believe in
We don't offer off the peg one size fits all, every job is unique and matters.  When you decide to work with us, we understand the trust and faith you put into our company.

Who we are

Brian Morris Productions was launched in 2007 and has gone from strength to strength. Based in Norfolk we make bespoke videos for a variety of clients.

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What we do

The productions we make include videos for government, conferences and a variety of specific websites. We make numerous training based videos with target audiences ranging through all ages.  We help provide quality videos for the property market right here in Norfolk.

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What we are best at

Our Services

Impressive Photography
We have the skills required to take truly jaw-dropping shots of praticaly any item. Landscape, property, portraits and even pets.
Video Capture
Video remains the most powerful way to get your message across.  We can use a variety of presenters to lift that message keeping your audience interested in you and your business.
Energy Perfomance Certificates (EPC)
We ensure minimal disruptution during the visit, afterwards you will recieve reconmendations on how to make your home efficient
Grow your business.
Today is the day to build the business of your dreams. Share your mission with the world — and blow your customers away.
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